At Villa Avola the breakfast can be included for an extra cost and it is usually served in consultation with our guests.


Restaurants we recommend are:

Restaurant Ranč – in the town of Bol. Serves local dishes, fresh seafood and lamb are of excellent quality in a olive tree garden. Lunch or a dinner in this restaurant will be a great choice. +385 21 635 635

Restaurant Cicco – this restaurant can be better accessed by boat but also by the macadam road further from Villa Avola. The restaurant offers seafood or meat dishes, very fresh and locally grown vegetables. The terrasse has a beautiful view of the sea and the beach is right under the restaurant. +385 91 565 9578

Biomania restaurant – in the heart of Bol, this restaurant has a story of sustainability and fresh local cusine. It offers vegan and vegetarian dishes and it is worth a visit. Visit their homepage to better understand the concept: +385 91 936 2276