Cycling & hiking

Mountain biking from Bol all over the island Brač in Croatia is an unforgettable experience. The island offers a big variety of roads and off roads very suitable for mountain biking.

Dragon’s cave

The best place for hiking starts right in Murvica village. You can climb to the Dragon’s cave. The cave is a monument of the cave life of priests from the 15th century who escaped the Turkish invasion to continue a Christian life. In the cave you can find a history of a nation engraved in stone. You can find old Slavic myths about werewolf, ferries, witches and some apocalyptic scenes. Do not miss this opportunity to visit the cave with the best guide, Mr. Zoran Kojdić. Villa Avola can be seen directly from the cave along with the stunning view of the island.

Mountain Vidova Gora

The highest point of the Croatian islands is at 778 m above the sea level and the climb starts right from village of Bol. Amazing views of the islands and especially the most popular beach Zlatni rat are right from the top of the mountain. Monumental cross made of the famous white Brač stone is built to stand at the top. The hike takes 2 hours up and down. It is recommended to have good hiking shoes, sun protection and plenty of water with you. It is worth a trip.

Wind surfing

It is well known that this part of the island of Brač is a true paradise for surfers and kiters. Some of the international competitions are held at the beach Zlatni rat. Near Villa Avola there is a Windsurfing club where you can rent a sur for take the lessons. The wind starts at 1 pm so hurry up, but do not forget your sun protection.


This activity is very healthy and in the morning is the perfect start of a day when the sea is still calm and the wind has not yet started. To our guests we offer a paddleboard directly at our villa. We hope you will enjoy it.

Wine & olive oil

Brač is the island with a long tradition in wine and olive oil making. You will find a lot of wine tasting places but also you will see wine yards everywhere you look. Our neighbour is a famous red wine maker called Baković but many other winemakers have their degustation opened for tourists. We recommend the Winery Stina that is right in the hart of Bol. Cheers!!
At Villa Avola we produce our own olive oil that is sufficient for our family needs. It is a very demanding work around 40 olive trees that occupies the owners throughout the whole year but the pleasure that comes with every drop of our oil is worth the effort.

Day tours

It is a great opportunity to visit other islands nearby, because every island is different and somehow specific. There are many tours that we can organise for you and recommend either private, only taking your family or a touristic boat with fixed schedule.
The not to be missed tours are:

  1. Old town of Hvar with Paklinski islands archipelago
  2. Blue cave, Stiniva beach and island of Vis where the movie Mama Mia 2 was filmed
  3. Jeep tour of Brač
Pakleni islands boat tour from Hvar - Sailing Experience - You Know! Boat Sorrento

History tours

Olive oil museum Brač, Škrip – explore the history of olive oil

In 1864 Josip Krstulovć family founded the oilery in a small town of Skrip on the island Brac.
By the early 20th century Kruno and Mandica Krstulović have upgraded the oilery by buying the new ”Thomas Holt” olive press from Trieste. The family continued to process the olive oil until the 1963 when the oilery stoped working due to introduction of new technologies (hydraulic press). In 2013 Kruno Cukrov (grandson of Kruno Krstulović) and his family took the challenge of restoration the old oilery and by July 2013 the oilery become Musuem of olive oil in Skrip and it is open for public as historical and cultural monument of history of making olive oil on the island Brac.

Blaca Hermitage

The hermitage (monastery) was founded in the 16th century by the Glagolitic priests who come to Brač fleeing from Poljica before the Turks. Blaca can be reached from many directions, but always exclusively by foot. The hermitage’s origin was in the stone partitioned cave which was the first refuge of the Poljica hermits. From then on, the diligent and pious hermits built a church and hermitage, residential buildings and farm buildings on the cliff face. They turned vast forests into rich vineyards and olive groves. It is a wonder how the inhabitants of Blaca were able to struggle with wild nature and poor soil and yet managed to survive in such conditions for four centuries. The hermitage’s preserved inventory, today a museum, also includes the valuable astronomical heritage of the last Blaca hermit, Father Nikola Milićević, who died in 1963. Blaca are really an exceptional monument of human work, with great historical, economic, artistic and scientific content. Hermitage Blaca is an outstanding natural and cultural phenomenon, a wonderful oasis of peace and memories of days gone by.

Stonemason technician school Pučišća

The motto of Stonemasonry school that has been around for more than 110 years is “an excellent choice and a secure job!”, all this leads us to the conclusion that stonemasonry is a traditional craft worth nurturing, teaching and learning.
What makes the school so special is the fact that only this school educates future masters of stonemasonry by using ancient Roman hand tools in the teaching and learning process in this part of Europe.